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The Beginner's Bible: Timeless Bible Stories

by Catherine DeVries

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The Beginner’s Bible

Timeless Bible Stories The Old Testament

The Beginning

Genesis 1

In the beginning, the world was empty. Darkness was everywhere. But God had a plan.

God separated the light from the darkness. “Let there be light!” he said. And the light turned on. He called the light “day.” And he called the darkness “night.” This was the end of the very first day.

Then God said, “I will divide the waters.” He separated the waters in the clouds above from the waters in the ocean below. He called the space between them “sky.” This was the end of the second day.

Next, God rolled back the waters and some dry ground appeared. He made plants of many shapes and colors. He made mountains, hills, and valleys. This was the end of the third day.

God put a shining sun in the sky for daytime. He put a glowing moon and twinkling stars in the sky for nighttime. This was the end of the fourth day.

On the fifth day, God made swishy fish and squiggly creatures to live in the ocean. Then God made birds to fly across the sky.

On the sixth day, God made animals to creep, crawl, hop, and gallop. Then from the dust, God made the most wonderful creature of all—a person. God named him Adam. On the seventh day, God rested.

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