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Viewing a total of 123 items in Aging

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By Buchanan, Missy
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Upper Room Books
Living With Purpose In A Worn-Out Body is an exploration of the inner life shared by many persons in nursing homes and retirement centers. With compassion and honesty, Buchanan gives voice to mingled feelings of loss, gratitude, resignation, courage, loneliness, and love. Buchanan lets readers know the difficult feelings of those living an assisted life: the ambivalence about being alive so long, the struggle against self-pity, the frustrations of limited strength and movement. She also mines the joys of living: laughter among friends, seeing grandchildren grow up, sifting through happy memories. Well chosen passages from the Psalms and New Testament stir feelings of hope and a trust in God's will, allowing the reader to ... more
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By Piper, John
Format: Paperback
John Piper challenges fellow baby boomers to forego the American dream of retirement and live out their golden years with a far greater purpose in mind.

They say it's a person's reward for all those years of labor. "Turn in your time card and trade in your IRAs. Let travel plans and golf-course leisure lead the way." But is retirement really the ideal? Or is it a series of poor options that ignore a greater purpose--and will kill a person more quickly than old age?

John Piper responds: "Lord, spare me this curse " And his resounding message is for anyone who believes there's far more to the golden years than accumulating comforts. It's for readers who long to finish better than they started, persevere for the right ... more

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By Tripp, Paul David
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Shepherd Press
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By Buchannan, Missy
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Upper Room Books
Nationally recognized older adult advocate Missy Buchanan offers a compassionate look at the concerns of two generations adult children and their parents as they struggle with the fears and frustrations of aging.

Buchanan invites readers of both generations to stand in each other's shoes through a series of 20 scenarios, presented as paired conversations with God. First she introduces the adult child's perspective on a common situation, such as the need for the parent to give up driving or move to a more manageable living arrangement. She follows with the older adult's feelings and concerns. Buchanan provides a scripture passage, suggestions to help both generations talk about and face the challenging situation, and ... more

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By Berger, Lonnie
Format: Paperback
Publisher: NavPress Publishing Group
Walking with God is the first of three books in the Every Man a Warrior discipleship series. Each is designed to help men succeed in life. Each lesson tells the stories of real men dealing with real-life problems and how God has solutions.
Book 1, Walking with God, teaches the skills of quiet time, meditating on Scripture, Prayer, and Application. It helps men confront those issues that keep them from growing in their Christian faith. These skills are then used and developed in the practical topics of the next two books.

Book 1 includes the Every Man a Warrior verse pack and all course verses.

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By Buchanan, Missy
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Upper Room Books
Author Missy Buchanan candidly shares both the heartaches elderly adults face and the hope they can find as they navigate the process of aging.
$12.00 Regular Price
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By Maldonado, Jorge
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Abingdon Press
This book focuses on the basic elements a pastoral counselor uses to do his/her job or calling effectively. Maldonado emphasizes the importance of pastoral counseling to the church's mission; gives a list of pastoral counseling basics; guidance on counseling individuals, couples, and families; provides a model for an effective pastoral counseling ministry; and a comprehensive bibliography of useful resources.
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By Hansen, Mark Victor; Linkletter, Art
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Thomas Nelson Publishers
Baby Boomer Alert
Get ready for the next prime of your life

Today we're living so much longer and more productively that age sixty
has truly become the new age forty-the prime of life when our careers are in full swing, our minds are at their most creative, and our passions burn their hottest. -Mark Victor Hansen and Art Linkletter

So how do we ensure that our bodies remain fit, our minds alert and creative, our finances stable-even growing-throughout our senior years? TV icon Art Linkletter (incredibly active in several enterprises at the age of 94) and Chicken Soup for the Soul? cocreator Mark Victor Hansen team up to show us how.

Much more than a pep talk about maintaining a youthful attitude in our Se ... more

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$13.19 Our Price
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By Snyder, Bernadette
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Twenty-Third Publications
With a twinkle in her eye, the author says she doesn't personally "know anything about aging." That's why she had to interview as many people as possible who do know about this very important "third stage of life" Their stories are both fascinating and unique and offer a wide variety of attitudes toward the perks and possibilities of aging as well as insights and options for dealing with its challenges. The author adds her own humorous stories and observations throughout to help seniors appreciate and celebrate life with heavy doses of both laughter and prayer.
$12.95 Regular Price
$11.40 Our Price
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By Murphey, Cecil
Format: Paperback
Publisher: AMG Publishers
Q. What is the most positive thing you say about getting older? A. We can't choose to age--God made the choice for us--but we can choose how to respond to the process. Aging Is an Attitude explores the purpose of aging.

What does God have for us in allowing us to get older? Surely, there is more to look forward to them death. Those of us who survive into the older years no longer focus on productivity or making more money. We're now free to discover that God has distinctive lessons for us to learn and to share with the younger generation.

Aging Is an Attitude is an inspirational book designed to strengthen and encourage those who face their own aging, especially baby boomers as they creep into their 60s. In a socie ... more

$12.99 Regular Price
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Viewing a total of 123 items in Aging

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