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Dennis Rainey

Dennis Rainey

When Campus Crusade staff members Dennis Rainey and Barbara Peterson were wed in 1972, they expected to settle into the happy rhythm of married life that newlyweds enjoy. But God had other plans for this energetic young couple. In 1976, Campus Crusade launched its first conference for engaged staff members, and Dennis was invited to speak. That conference evolved into the FamilyLife seminars, a powerful ministry that helps couples build their marriage and parenting skills.

Today Dennis (who serves as executive director of Family Life) and Barbara conduct seminars all over the United States. Thousands of people have benefited from their sage advice on revitalizing family relationships through biblically based principles. The Raineys also host a nationally syndicated daily radio program, and are the best-selling authors of numerous books. Their mission to help couples discover God’s plan for marriage and family has taken on a new urgency in light of our nation’s moral decline. "Families are looking for answers . . . and for hope," Dennis writes. "If we don’t act now, the next generation of Americans (our children) will become the most lost and confused generation ever."

The Raineys’ book, Parenting Today’s Adolescent: Helping Your Child Avoid the Traps of the Preteen and Early Teen Years, exemplifies Dennis’s call to action. In discussing such diverse topics as friends and peer pressure, music and movie choices, and jobs and spiritual growth, Dennis and Barbara present practical strategies that parents can use to help their children make godly, responsible decisions as they grow to adulthood. Also, their many books on marriage offer couples the encouragement and support they need to emotionally and spiritually nourish their own relationship while nurturing their children.

Dennis and Barbara's recent books include Two Hearts Praying as One, Moments Together for Intimacy, Moments Together for Parents, Staying Close, So You're About to be a Teenager, Growing a Spiritually Strong Family, and Building Stronger Families.

The Raineys’ parenting skills are based on years of experience. As parents of six children ranging, they know firsthand the challenges of raising kids in today’s permissive culture. Despite their successful careers, Barbara and Dennis put their children first in their lives. "I am grateful to God for the privilege of public ministry through radio, conferences and writing," Dennis tells Worldwide Challenge magazine. "But, truthfully, all that is a mere shadow by comparison to the ups and downs of love in a real family. One of the greatest privileges of my life is being called ‘Daddy’."

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